Get Some H2O – The Power of Water

The importance of water to dental health

Water is awesome. It hydrates, it cleanses, and it helps regulate temperatures. Our body needs it! Fluorinated water is good for our teeth, too, but this post is about a different benefit of water. The power of timely rinsing!

Think about the last time you had a smoothie, or maybe spaghetti sauce or something cheesy if smoothies aren’t your thing. If you rinse the cup or dishes right away, it's easy, right? The residue rinsed off and cleaning became easier. Now recall a time when you were in a hurry or too tired to rinse the dishes, and they sat all night with their residue congealing. How much harder was it then to get them clean? You can apply the same principle to your teeth.

After eating or drinking, a quick swish of water can help dislodge particles of food and rinse away sugars and other residue. You want to prevent a layer of bacteria from forming on your teeth so that when you brush and floss later, it will be easier on you and your teeth. Drinking water will also help you have more moisture in your mouth as well as better breath, and who doesn’t want that? No one likes dry mouth or stinky breath.

If you have a hard time remembering to drink water, get a water bottle that you like and keep it at your desk or in a visible place around the house where it will remind you to take a drink often. When you pick up a snack, start a habit of also getting a cup of water. If you need more of a nudge, consider setting a reminder on your phone or smart watch to go off shortly after lunchtime: “Get some H2O!” After a while, water rinsing will hopefully become second nature to you. Your body and your teeth will thank you for it!

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