How to organize your bathroom

How to organize your bathroom roseville dental center

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It’s estimated that we spend 1.5 YEARS over the course of our lifetime in the bathroom. Why not make it the most pleasant experience of the day? Having a welcoming bathroom can even encourage good dental habits. Wouldn’t you be more likely to spend extra time brushing if your space was clean and inviting? Roseville Dental Center wants to help you to make your bathroom an organized sanctuary. After all, your toothbrush deserves a clean, hygienic place to call its own.

Storage is key

Roseville Dental Center bathroom organization - bench

Make sure that everything has a designated place and you’ll maximize your space! Use bins that match your personal style. You can use Tupperware under the sink and ‘fancier’ containers out in the open. Try a small bench for your towels to add a modern touch.

Ugly mouthwash bottles can be swapped for sleek decanters that perfectly measure and dispense like the one pictured from The Perfect Measure.

mouthwash decanter

Trouble remembering to floss? Keep dental floss easy to reach and in your eye line in a transparent box. That will help you remember to keep up the habit.

Bright light, bright smile

It’s a simple thing, but having proper lighting can improve the look of your smile and thus improve your entire mood. It will also make your bathroom look cleaner and less dingy.

Keep the counter clear

It’s easier to keep bathroom surfaces sanitary when they are kept clear and easy to clean. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Oven mitt curling iron

If you’re constantly leaving your curling iron or straightener out, try pinning a decorative oven mitt on the wall or on the inside of the sink cabinet (tip courtesy of Real Simple Magazine.) You can also use a wall-mounted toothbrush holder to de-clutter the counter (here are some great toothbrush holder options that are elegant and modern).

Clorox wipes for bathroom organization

Keep bleaching wipes under the sink to wipe down surfaces on a regular basis rather than waiting for the deep clean.

Remember good hygiene

Bathroom hygiene cartoon

Cartoon by Victoria Roberts – NY Times, 2012

A good mantra is “don’t brush where you flush!” We know it’s a little icky to think about, but it’s important to keep your toothbrush as far away from the commode as possible. A study published in the New York Times found that mist from flushing “could play a contributory role in the transmission of infectious diseases.” Their advice? To keep toothbrushes in the medicine cabinet when anyone is sick!

Do you have any other bathroom organization tips? Dr. Vong and the staff here at Roseville Dental Center would love to hear them. Leave your ideas in the comments!