World Records for Teeth

The human body is a strange and mysterious thing. Teeth, in particular, can be as varied as the bodies that house them. It’s no surprise that sometimes, they do unusual things or that some people do unusual things with them.


Enter, World Records for Teeth. 


Most Teeth Removed: In the summer of 2014, a boy in India had 232 teeth removed from his lower jaw. Luckily, surgeons were able to extract all of them with minimal impact to his jaw.  

Fastest Nail Removal from Wood: Steve Schmidt removed 5 nails from wood in 7.44 seconds in Columbia, Missouri in November 2014. Don’t try this at home, please.


Most Human Teeth Collected: Brother Giovanni Battista Orsenigo from Rome, Italy had accumulated roughly 2,000,744 human teeth. Creepy.


Widest Human Tooth Extracted: In Canada, nine-year-old Shane Russell has a 1.67 cm wide tooth removed, nearly double the size of a natural maxillary central incisor.


Largest Toothbrush Collection: Grigori Fleicher from Russia has a collection of 1,320 toothbrushes. Well, he did in November 2008. Hopefully he’s swapped them out by now.


Fastest Time to Husk a Coconut: If you’re stranded on an island and you can only take one thing, make it a toothbrush! You’ll need it for brushing the coconut husk out of your teeth so you don’t starve.Sidaraju Raju from India husked a 4.744 kg coconut with his teeth in only 28.06 seconds in March 2003.


The Most People Brushing Dogs’ Teeth: Dental health is important for your canine companion, too! In December 2012, 268 people simultaneously brushed dogs’ teeth in Hong Kong, China. Not only did they set a record, they did it to raise awareness for canine dental care and a local dog rescue.



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