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Bad Breath Treatment in

If you suffer from halitosis, never fear! Our team is here to get to the bottom of it and restore your confidence. For halitosis treatment in Roseville, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kaur.

Bad Breath Treatment in Roseville

Persistent bad breath (known as halitosis) is not only embarrassing, but it can be a symptom of a larger health issue. At Roseville Dental Center, we offer halitosis treatment to restore your health and your confidence. If you suffer from halitosis, call our office today.

What is Halitosis?

Everyone gets bad breath from time to time. Unlike normal bad breath, which can usually be treated by breath mints, chewing gum or dental rinses, halitosis is a chronic condition. At-home treatments can cover up the problem but are not strong enough to address the underlying cause. Our dentist can perform an exam to determine the cause of your halitosis and prescribe a treatment plan.

What Causes Halitosis?

Halitosis is embarrassing enough on its own, but it is usually a symptom of a larger dental health problem. The common causes of halitosis include:

  • Poor oral health: If you skip out on good oral hygiene routines, plaque and tartar can build up over time, giving you bad breath.
  • Gum disease: Gum disease causes infections in your gums and teeth, which can negatively affect your breath’s natural odor.
  • Dry mouth: Saliva naturally rinses your teeth and removes leftover food particles before they can cause decay. If your mouth stops producing the saliva it needs to prevent cavities, it will give you bad breath.
  • Smoking and tobacco use: Smoking cigarettes can damage the tissues of your mouth. It can also dry out your mouth and increase your chances of developing gum disease.

How Do You Treat Halitosis?

  • Mouth rinses and toothpastes: Our dentist may prescribe specially medicated rinses and antibacterial toothpastes to improve your overall oral health.
  • Gum disease treatment: If you suffer from gum disease, we will treat the infections attacking your gums and teeth.
  • Good oral health: Our dentist recommends brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush and flossing once a day to maintain good dental health.
  • Professional cleaning: A regular cleaning every six months will keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh.

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Alexis H.

Everyone was super helpful and kind. Dr. Kaur solved a dental issue I’ve been having for a few months and so much quicker than previous dentists. The office is clean and welcoming.

Harpreet S.

Dr Amy is really knowledgeable, friendly and patient in addressing all of the patient’s questions and concerns about the process and procedure. She’s a very genuine as a person and will provide all the facts upfront to help you make the best decision and course of action.

Austin H.

Quite an excellent place to receive dental care. The waiting room has comfortable couches and fresh cold water and other refreshments while waiting. The front desk clerk is excellent at explaining everything, making you feel welcome and comfortable, and helping you get your insurance sorted out. The doctor is very skilled and fast. I had a huge chunk missing from my back tooth and it’s all repaired and looks as good as new. My bite is normal and I can continue eating food like a normal person again. I live in West Sac and I drive all the way to Roseville just to go here.
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Dr. Kaur is known for her soft and gentle touch and her ability to make her patients very comfortable during their procedures.

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