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Dental Sealants in

When it comes to cavities, prevention is the best form of treatment. Dental sealants can help protect your child’s teeth from cavities. For sealants in Roseville, visit our friendly Dr. Kaur.

Dental Sealants in Roseville

At Roseville Dental Center, we believe the best fillings is no filling. That is why we offer high-quality dental sealants to our youngest patients. Depending on your dental history, you may benefit from sealants, too!

What are Sealants?

The chewing surfaces of your back teeth have deep grooves that make them vulnerable to decay. These grooves are too deep and narrow to clean with regular brushing, which allows bacteria to collect on the surfaces of your teeth. To seal these grooves and keep out the bacteria, our dentist recommends dental sealants.

Dental sealants are a thin clear or white plastic coating. Children usually receive them on their baby teeth, but our dentist may recommend sealants once their permanent teeth erupt. Be sure to speak to Dr. Kaur about your child’s cavity risk.

To receive a sealant, we will thoroughly clean and prepare your tooth. Our dentist will paint the coating on the surface of your tooth and cure it with a special light, ensuring a strong bond. Once the sealant hardens, you will be able to eat and brush normally.

How Long Do Sealants Last?

Dental sealants can protect your teeth from cavities for up to 10 years. If your child receives sealants on their baby teeth, the sealants will need to be applied to their permanent teeth to keep your child cavity-free.

Your sealants chip and wear down over time, so you will need to have them reapplied as necessary. Be sure to schedule regular checkups with our office twice a year to make sure your sealants are in good shape.

Can Adults Get Sealants?

Yes. Sealants are a good preventive treatment for adult patients that do not already have cavities, fillings or dental sealants. Most insurance cover sealants for children and patients under the age of 18. If you think you are a candidate for sealants, we offer flexible financing options to help you get the preventive care you need.

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Alexis H.

Everyone was super helpful and kind. Dr. Kaur solved a dental issue I’ve been having for a few months and so much quicker than previous dentists. The office is clean and welcoming.

Harpreet S.

Dr Amy is really knowledgeable, friendly and patient in addressing all of the patient’s questions and concerns about the process and procedure. She’s a very genuine as a person and will provide all the facts upfront to help you make the best decision and course of action.

Austin H.

Quite an excellent place to receive dental care. The waiting room has comfortable couches and fresh cold water and other refreshments while waiting. The front desk clerk is excellent at explaining everything, making you feel welcome and comfortable, and helping you get your insurance sorted out. The doctor is very skilled and fast. I had a huge chunk missing from my back tooth and it’s all repaired and looks as good as new. My bite is normal and I can continue eating food like a normal person again. I live in West Sac and I drive all the way to Roseville just to go here.
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Dr. Kaur is known for her soft and gentle touch and her ability to make her patients very comfortable during their procedures.

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